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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Our Father

On Sunday mornings I usually lay eyes on Nat and the kids for the first time just as they come down the aisle for communion. Since Redeemer meets at a local high school, it takes us close to three hours to change the school into a church, so I sadly miss seeing the fam in the mornings.

Today I was leading worship and the time came for the communion liturgy. I still hadn't seen the kids or Natalie, since she was keeping the nursery. The Lord's Prayer began and at the exact moment we all began to pray "Our Father" I heard one voice above all the others in the congregation. Nat had snuck in the back of the auditorium and was holding Macy Heart. That red-headed bundle of giggles saw me at a distance and loudly called out "DAAA-DAAAA, DAAAA-DAAA." 

At the same moment I was crying out for my Heavenly Father I heard the voice of my daughter crying out for me. It was if God was saying, "Drew, do you see how big you're smiling right now when you hear your child calling out your name? Right back at ya buddy."

It made me eager to cry "da-da" way more often. 

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